Lord of Life Lutheran Church

North Pole, Alaska

Sunday School "what and why"

Bible Verses
God's Word is our foundation for hope and faith. We encourage the children to memorize verses each Sunday so those words of life become part of their lives. As an extra reward, students who remember the verses will choose a gift from the prize box!

Weekly offering is collected for a couple of reasons:
  1. We all learn to trust God instead of money
  2. Children practice the spiritual gift of generosity
  3. Children learn about caring for others using money
Note: ALL monies received are donated to a ministry chosen by the children. (Recipients in the past have been: sponsoring a child's schooling through a locally-organized Honduras ministry, Fairbanks animal rescue, purchasing farm animals through Lutheran World Relief, and many others.) 

Students add a sticker to the attendance sheet each week. For every 4 Sundays they attend, they choose a prize from the prize box. They also receive a prize when they memorize a Bible verse. If you have prizes you would like to donate to the box please bring them on Sunday morning.

Join in the Fun!!
Teachers, substitutes, and helpers are always welcome for all ages. Our curriculum is VERY easy to pick up and lead, so don't hesitate to jump in. Children learn best from honest, caring adults - there is no need to have all the answers, just a love for God and for children!
If you have something else to offer to Lord of Life's children's ministry, please contact the church office! We'd love to engage your gifts!

3rd-6th Grade Ministry

Who: 4-6 graders!
What: adventures and learning in faith
When: Every 3rd Sunday, 4:00-5:30pm
Where: at Lord of Life
Why? Because they face their own challenges in growing up too!

What we've done so far:
  *caring for God's creation (visited Golden Heart Boarding  
         and Grooming)
  *what it means to be family
  *created by God, we create too
  *caring for our bodies
  *always have games and snack
  *who we admire and why

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