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Lenten Worship at Lord of Life

   The season of Lent is about returning to God. It involves re-focusing our lives on God and taking the focus off of ourselves. It's a hard thing to do! So how do we do it? And what's the point?

     I’ve heard it more than a few times from more than a few people:

 “I wish I knew more about my faith.”

     Fact is, most of us weren’t ready to explore our faith when we entered Confirmation. We were too busy worrying about what everyone else saw when they looked at us, what that cute girl/guy was doing, listening to someone talk about something that didn’t affect our daily life, and just doing what was expected or what our parents made us do. Get confirmed, “graduate” from church.

     But confirmation is meant to be a springboard into our own faith formation. It’s one of many moments in time when we claim our faith and run with it... and Luther’s Catechism leads us into that faith-filled life.

“And we want each one of you to show the same diligence so as to realize the full assurance of hope to the very end, so that you may not become sluggish, but imitators of those who through faith and patience inherit the promises.”
- Hebrews 6:11-12

     Luther starts with the 10 commandments – a list of what God expects of us and how we live in freedom and community in this world.

     Then the Apostles Creed – and what God does for us when we find ourselves breaking the heart of the law. It’s what we believe about this God we love and the God who loves us.

     The Lord’s Prayer then, is how we access the aid of this God. It’s a list of the things our God cares about and what of our lives we can bring to him (hint: it’s everything).

     And finally, we see how this God comes to us – in visible and tangible ways through Baptism and Holy Communion.

     This is a scratch on the surface of the depth that awaits you this Lent. On Wednesdays, we’ll dive deep into the riches of God’s grace. We’ll chew on spiritual food, talk about the daily life of faith, and take an intentional step in forming our faith on the foundations of it.

     Then on Sundays, we will be pulled back into the waters of our baptism – washed in the promises of God, reminded of his grace and love for us, empowered to go out and live that grace and love for whomever we meet. Welcome to Lent.

With full assurance of hope,
~Pastor Amanda