Lord of Life Lutheran Church

North Pole, Alaska

Lenten Worship at Lord of Life

   The season of Lent is about returning to God. It involves re-focusing our lives on God and taking the focus off of ourselves. This year, Lent begins on Wednesday, March 6 and ends with Easter on April 21st.

   Through 2018, our Sunday morning scriptures focus on the great Covenants (promises) that God makes in the Hebrew Bible (our Old Testament.) Each Sunday, we'll hear of God's foolish love that makes promises and keeps them - even when we don't hold up our end:

  Sunday February 18, the Rainbow and God's promise to fight evil instead of fight us.

  Sunday, February 25, re-naming Abram and Sarai as God promises to bless all nations through them.

  Sunday, March 4, the Covenant of Law given to Moses, God has great expectations and hopes to motivate our love of God and others.

  Sunday, March 11, the promise to heal those who look up in trust - both in Numbers 11, and in John 3:16.

  Sunday, March 18, the New Covenant in Jeremiah, knowing God ourselves.

   In addition, we meet on Wednesday evenings for soup at 6:15pm and a reflection and discussion based worship starting at 7pm. We will be checking-in -- using our mission statement -- on how God's foolish love shows up at Lord of Life, and how we can participate in sharing that love:

  Wednesday, February 21, "God's Word moves us..."  How does God move us?
  Wednesday, February 28, "to make connections..."  How do connections form in a church?

  Wednesday, March 7,       "by welcoming all..."  What is welcome?

  Wednesday, March 14,    "strengthening and serving the hurting..."  Who needs care?

  Wednesday, March 21,   "strengthening and serving the healthy."  How do we care for ourselves? 

   Each evening will acknowledge the ways church has sometimes failed in showing God's foolish love, and looking with hope at the ways we get it right. I hope this will be a time for hope, for healing, for prayer, and returning to God. We hope you will join us! 

With full assurance of hope,
~Pastor Amanda

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