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Lord of Life Lutheran Church

North Pole, Alaska

June 19-23

5:30pm dinner

6-8pm program

Each day, we'll start with a video introduction from a child in Norway. They'll introduce us to something they do every day - what they eat, how they play, where they go to church, what their family does together, and more! Then, we'll play together, explore the fjords, experience Norway, taste some traditional food, and gather again to sing and wrap things up.

Along the way, we'll learn that ...

     When life changes... God is good! (Daniel 1)

     When life is scary... God is good! (Daniel 6)

     When life is sad... God is good! (John 18-20)

     When life is good... God is good! (John 21:1-25)

We'll have Bible memory verses, stories to tell, and plenty of fun!

To join in the fun, fill out the registration below. One per person please!

Travel with us on a journey of faith and experience Christianity through the cultural eyes of Norway!

With much to see, much to experience, new songs to sing, and new foods to explore,
this year will certainly be an adventure!!