Global Mission

Kuwaa Mission, Liberia

   This far-away mission works to reestablish self-esteem and a self-sustaining community for the Kuwaa people after 14 years of civil war and unsafe living conditions have taken their toll on the peoples. Together with the Lutheran Church in Liberia, the ELCA, and LCMS congregations, the Kuwaa people are slowly rebuilding their lives around safe drinking water, sanitary living conditions, and reestablishing farming and animal husbandry. Schools are being rebuilt and medical clinics are in the process of being stocked and staffed.
   Lord of Life has a very personal connection to the Kuwaa people through one of our interim pastors, Richard Thompson, who served at the mission for many years. We have also hosted the now bishop of the Lutheran Church in Liberia, D. Jensen Seyenkulo, who grew up in the
Kuwaa mission.
   We support this ministry through financial gifts, noisy offerings, and challenges to the congregation as we reach outside of ourselves and help provide for the dignity and health of all God's people.

Honduras Ministry
   The ministry to the people in Honduras lies squarely on the shoulders of a local Fairbanks missionary, LindaMae Scolman. She has been traveling to La Esperanza, Honduras for over 16 years, leading Bible studies, women's retreats, youth bike trips, Celebrate Recovery as a prison ministry, Vacation Bible School for children, feeding the hungry and providing nutritional instruction, setting up a fair trade business for women, sponsoring children to attend school, helps provide health care funds for needy families, is a voice for equality, and sharing the love of God with all whom she comes in contact.
   At least once a year, she joins Lord of Life on a Sunday morning to share pictures and stories, sell hand-made items, answer
questions, and connect us with God's work happening in Honduras.
   LindaMae is funded solely through the generosity of individuals and Fairbanks community businesses. If you would like more information about the Honduras Ministry, please contact the church office and we will direct you to LindaMae!

Local Support

Fairbanks Rescue Mission 452-5343
   The Rescue Mission exists to serve the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and social well-being of the homeless and needy both in the Fairbanks area and throughout the North Star Borough.
   They provide emergency shelter, recovery programs, case management, financial counseling, homeless veteran programs, and many other services. 
   We support them because we too believe that each person has been created in God's image and deserves to be treated with respect, following the example of Christ's ministry to those in need.

Love In the Name of Christ (Love INC) 452-5683
    Love INC exists to pull together the resources and ministries of local churches and make them available to people throughout the community. They screen clients and find applicable programs and resources to verify and meet their needs, always working to help individuals and families become self-sufficient.
   Through local congregations, Love INC provides limited financial assistance, basic hygiene needs, home goods and services, gifts for Christmas, financial counseling, various classes, connections to government aid, as well as covering many other needs.
   We participate in this ministry because we believe in using the gifts and resources God has given us for the sake of the common good. Working together with other churches provides a wider reach in serving the community.

High School Lunches
   Together with 3 other congregations in the North Pole area, lunches are packed and delivered weekly to students at North Pole Elementary and High Schools. It is intended to supplement children and teens who no longer live at home and/or are unable to obtain a parent's signature to receive lunches through government provision. For those without access to food, we work together to provide it.
   During the school year, volunteers at Lord of Life make sandwiches, supply heat-and-eat meals, provide fruits and vegetables and snack items the 2nd Friday of every month beginning at 10am. Feel free to stop by and lend a hand!

Fairbanks Community Food Bank 452-4273
   The Food Bank collects and redistributes surplus food to those in need throughout the Fairbanks area through numerous programs. Specifically, Lord of Life participates in the Food Box distribution program where different churches serve as ordering and pick-up locations during the week for a 3-day supply of food. A list of participating congregations and their scheduled day can be found by clicking here.
   We support this ministry because we believe that God has provided abundantly for our needs, and it is our responsibility to share this abundance with those most in need. 

North Pole Food Pantry - St. Jude Episcopal
   Begun and administered by volunteers at St. Jude Episcopal Church, the North Pole Food Pantry serves all in need of food. Along with other North Pole churches, we collect non-perishable food items that are stored at St. Jude until a need arises.
   If you are in need of an emergency supply of food for a couple days, please contact us and we will put you in contact with the food pantry volunteer.
   We support this ministry because we believe that no one should go hungry when there is food to share.

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